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Cantiague Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

Be a Bucket Filler...

Here at Cantiague Elementary School we work hard to treat everyone with respect no matter how a person looks, dresses, behaves or what they believe! At our school we make sure that there is Dignity For All!

Be Respectful Be Safe
  • Care about yourself and others
  • Make good choices
  • Use kind words everywhere
  • Always let an adult know where you are
  • Celebrate our differences
  • See something, say something
Be Positive Be Responsible
  • Smile
  • Follow the rules
  • Always include everyone
  • Be an "up"stander not a bystander
  • Take pride in your work by doing your personal best
  • Do the right thing

Click here to learn more about the Dignity for All Students Act

The Dignity Act Coordinators at Cantiague are Gina Faust and Jamie Eiseman. They can be reached at 516-203-3650